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Hiring Manager
from France

Hiring Manager who likes German beer and French cuisine

Simone grew up in Berlin and had no plans to leave (except for travelling), but her fashion studies brought her to Paris which later became her second home for 10 years. Along the way she has also travelled South America, lived in the United States, and, very briefly, in Dubai. Career changes are one of her specialties: from fashion design she moved on to sales and project management and from the textile industry to consulting, where she discovered recruitment and developed a preferences for hiring engineers.

If you could go back in history, what event would you love to experience?
I would go to see the Live Aid concert in 1985 - especially to see the performance by Queen

Any favourite quotes?
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon

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About Simone

  • Base: near Grenoble (FR)

  • Studies: Fashion Design at HTW Berlin, Germany

  • Passions: yoga, photography, travelling

madewithlove software engineers


  • Recruitment

  • Project Management

  • Negotiation

  • Leadership

  • Client Management

Articles by Simone

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