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Software Engineer
from Belgium

This former teacher likes all things front end (the more complex web applications get, the happier Geoffrey becomes). His weak spot? JavaScript and all its quirks

Nor is he afraid to experiment a little with Node.js. Geoffrey used to be in a post-punk/noise rock band and a couple of one-off noise bands, in the process he started building a +1,000 record collection.

If you could go back in history what event would you love to experience?
The day the first bitcoins were created. Well, not really the ‘creation' itself, more the timing side. I can also think of a couple of iconic concerts: Sex Pistols in Manchester, Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Joy Division at The Factory, almost every concert at CBGB (Talking Heads, Television, DNA, and Mars). Yeah, I was born in the wrong decade :-).

We all love technology. But if you weren't working in it, what would you be doing?
I see myself opening a record store, where I could spend my time talking about obscure music while drinking coffee. Or buying a plot of land, so I could create a fancy giant vegetable garden for chefs.

About Geoffrey

  • Base: Lievegem (BE)

  • Studies: Multimedia and Communication Technology, MCT Kortrijk

  • Passions: Creating & collecting music, proud season ticket owner of KAA Gent football club


  • JavaScript

  • React

  • HTML

  • CSS

Articles by Geoffrey

Serverless functions with Vercel

Serverless functions with Vercel

Geoffrey Dhuyvetters

September 02, 2020

Optimizing JavaScript packages for tree shaking

Optimizing JavaScript packages for tree shaking

Geoffrey Dhuyvetters

April 12, 2019

Creating a declarative oscillator component with React hooks.

Creating a declarative oscillator component with React hooks.

Geoffrey Dhuyvetters

January 04, 2019

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