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Our technical due diligence explained in 1 minute

We help SaaS startups and investors with due diligence by objectively evaluating the codebase and the technical team to ensure your next funding round is fully technically de-risked.

A technical audit report will shine light on your startup

What does our audit report look like? In one sentence: it’s a very detailed document (15-20 pages), covering all the risks associated with your current technology, codebase, and team-level problems that will eventually prevent your software product from scaling.

Around 90% of SaaS startups fail within 3 years from launching despite having access to sufficient funding. One of the main reasons is their inability to predict what could go wrong with their product, team, or both.

Through our unique auditing process, we’ll help you avoid that scenario. Apart from the specific areas you’ll like us to cover, we’ll also get you answers to the key questions every CTO, founder, or SaaS technical leader should know:

  • Is your software solution ready to scale?
  • How much legacy code and technical debt does your product have?
  • What prevents your development team from increasing quality and performance?
  • Why does your engineering team keep missing deadlines?
  • Will you be able to scale your SaaS product with the current team, technology, and processes?
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Why 100+ startups chose our due diligence

We asked our clients why they decided to hire our team to conduct technology audits for them. Among many reasons, 3 have been mentioned over and over again:

1. Our senior developers and CTOs are world-class

No other company can offer the time and devotion of as many experts as we do. We’ve been coding and running our own technical companies for decades, and our shared expertise allows us to identify 95% of problems that are slowly destroying our clients’ products. The other 5%? We might need a day or two to figure it out.


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2. We’re brutally honest and discover every threat

We’ll provide unbiased insights on the condition of your business and your team. We have a reputation of “Gordon Ramsey’s startup nightmares”. During our tech dd, we’ll reveal the ugly truth about what’s wrong with your code communication, and development plans, even if it (slightly) hurts.

We’re all very nice people, but we also know that only honesty can guarantee success. Sure, we can tell you everything is OK, but that won’t save your product from failing 2 years from now…

3. We’re laser-focused on SaaS startups

Auditing startups is very different to auditing other types of businesses, because there are many obstacles to be aware of when trying to scale up (like funding, recruitment, or extreme uncertainty about the future). We know these struggles very well, because:

  • We own startups ourselves We’ve failed and succeeded, and so we know what to avoid when scaling up.
  • We work with investors and help them audit startups before putting money on the table.

What we cover during our technology due diligence and how we do it

Our unique methodology is based on 5 pillars, because just analyzing the code or looking at technical documentation isn’t enough:

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How we approach technical due diligence

1. We start with a baseline interview, a 2-hour call with the CTO (or other senior leadership). During this time, we cover a lot of ground. Our goal is to know about the key players in the town and the main areas to focus in on during our remaining interviews.

2. We prepare for this interview by getting access to an org-chart and deciding on 3 to 5 key questions (from you or an investment team). We also schedule placeholder interviews.

3. After the baseline interview, we know who we want to talk to and the important systems to review. We invite other team members to the pre-scheduled calls and ask for access to codebases, ticketing systems, and documentation tools.

4. Behind the scenes our team dives deep, checking for best practices across the various systems. During interviews, we zoom in on specific details in an effort to understand how a team thinks about their work.

5. After a week or so, it’s time to write the report. We document our observations and concerns, then share a draft with the company. We refine the finished version and share it with the recipients.

6. We debrief the report after people have had a chance to read it. Then we answer questions. We even join board meetings if necessary. From the first interview, it takes 10 business days to complete the audit.

We help our clients succeed

You won’t see companies like Amazon or Facebook among our past clients. They’re already pretty big. You will, however, see the names that will soon rock the SaaS world because we helped them predict risks and avoid failure.


Email marketing solution

"They not only helped scale our output but also our strategy, processes and culture. Not by imposing, but by reinforcing the foundations that were already there." — Michelle Dassen (Head of Product)


Virtual learning platform

We did a thorough technical due diligence of their product, team and roadmaps. After sharing our insights with all parties involved, they completed a €2.1 million investment round.

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