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We are headquartered in Belgium, but take pride in employing a diverse team spread out over the world.

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We don't care about borders when searching for talent

We strongly feel that a team composed of different cultures and views is a key strength for an Internet company. However, we are not proud of our current representation. Read more about our take on diversity and please contact us with suggestions on how we can improve this.
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In love since 2008

We've come a long way. Now we are a team spread across the world. Meet the original founders of our company.

Where it all started

We've grown from two guys in Leuven to a team with members in 5 countries. The original founders, Jonas and Andreas, started madewithlove from a small living room in 2008. They had the guts to take on a big project in Amsterdam in the early days, and from that point on, the ball kept rolling.

Two becomes three

Andreas kept a steady pace as CEO of madewithlove, focusing on business development mainly. The management needed an extra set of hands. Dimitri joined as a partner in 2017 and with him they gained a strong technical profile with an inherent love for structure. With a passion for what they are doing and a set of complementary skills, these three entrepreneurs put all their effort into building a great future for madewithlove. The focus has shifted from "just" taking on technical projects towards helping start- and scale-ups thrive in a 360° approach.

Retiring as founder in 2021

In 2019, Jonas made the decision of stepping down from management and creating more time for his family. However, COVID-19 delayed this process as he wanted to make sure madewithlove would make it safely through the pandemic. In early 2021, we welcomed Jonas on board as a dedicated employee of the company. He now enjoys life as CTO in residence while focusing strongly on the product side. He remains acting as the perfect soundboard for Dimitri and Andreas.

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