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Tap into our network to grow your team with exceptional people. We can search, screen, and test your candidates. We can handle this process from A to Z or partially. Full transparency and no compromises on quality.

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The process we follow

Over the years we have refined our internal recruiting process to perfection. We use exactly the same tools and process to hire for clients. Do you still need something different? We are always open to discuss your wishes.

1. Sourcing

A big part of our job is to find good candidates for a position. We see this as a sales pipeline and use similar marketing techniques to feed it with profiles.

If there is no natural inflow for a position, we will use our vast network to suggest some interesting candidates. Our reputation helps to get candidates to consider the open position.

2. CV Screening

3. Interview

4. Technical test

The more talent density you have, the less process you need. The more process you create, the less talent you retain.

Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix

Roles we can recruit

We recruit the roles that our colleagues fulfil at clients.
Simply a matter of sticking to your strengths.

  • CTO

  • Engineering manager

  • Lead engineer

  • Team lead

  • Software Engineers

    Back-end, Front-end, Full-stack, Mobile

No exclusivity

As opposed to most other head hunters in the market, we do not ask for exclusivity. This means the client can choose to work with other recruiters to fill its vacant jobs or can try to recruit candidates themselves simultaneously.

Quality guarantee

Part of our fees are only due once the hired candidate continues to work for you after 6 months.

We can help with recruiting talented people for you.

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