Software engineering

Our senior developers will get your software (back) on the rails and lead your engineering team.

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We specialize in improving live software. And that's no easy feat. Like no other, our engineers understand the impact of changing an actively used product.

We focus on quality without over-engineering. We take your SaaS product to the next level without blindly building features. We inject a healthy dose of pragmatic experience into your team.

Our engineers thrive when they make an impact on real users.

Software engineering for startups and SaaS scaleups

We focus on live software

Writing software from scratch is fun, but building on top of an existing codebase brings real value. We believe all code has a purpose and that starting from scratch is rarely a good idea. That's why we love to work on brownfield projects—live software with actual users.

Our developers thrive when cleaning up complex spaghetti code and untangling hard infrastructural knots. Over the years, they have mastered working with existing codebases. Equally important is our ability to revitalize “legacy teams” that may be stuck in outdated practices or perspectives.

Our dual expertise in improving existing products and team dynamics makes us uniquely capable of elevating your software and the people behind it. We also have a good track record in scaling and maintaining products.

We are senior developers

We've been building startup software products for over 15 years. While code quality is important, we understand the value of making an immediate impact and achieving business goals.

We are experienced senior developers capable of wearing any hat in the engineering team. We grow and reshape your product and look for opportunities to improve your team's workflow and processes. As we dive into your product, we'll leave your code and your team in better shape.

We don’t just do; we lead

Building software is a team sport, and we love to combine our engineering expertise with yours. Our developers bring their technical know-how to the table and introduce valuable processes and practices, such as extensive use of version control, code reviews, pair programming, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

They are there to elevate your team's performance, not just to build features.

Mentoring & coaching

Last but not least, we focus on training and coaching your team. This is why we often combine engineering work with technical leadership, where one of us joins a client's team as interim CTO, technical soundboard, or engineering manager.

There's no secret sauce we are not willing to share: we share all knowledge with your team.

Software engineering for startups and SaaS scaleups

We like all technologies

We can build just about any application if it connects to the internet. Our senior engineers know most web frameworks and technology stacks, from creating the user interface to running the servers. They can help you at any stage of the product and have the track record to prove it.

Our software developers are more than just coders. They can tackle technical challenges, orchestrate the entire development process, and lead by example—showing rather than telling and often pairing up to guide others. They improve and expand your existing product.

We set up a better workflow that your team can easily pick up.

The process

We bring along a bunch of development processes and best practices: extensive use of version control, code reviews, pair programming, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

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Working together

Flexible project management

Open source technology

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.

Edward V. Berard, American software engineer for The Object Agency, Inc.

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