CTO Soundboard: coaching for CTOs

Behind the scene support for your CTO or technical lead in developing their skillset while growing their teams.

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CTO Soundboard is a specialized, behind-the-scenes track designed to empower CTOs and tech leaders. Our approach is simple yet profound: pair up with an experienced mentor, focus on skill development, and grow alongside your team.

In the dynamic landscape of startup tech, CTOs are the unsung heroes, juggling a myriad of roles. From technical visionary to team architect, each role demands excellence. But even the most skilled tech leaders can find themselves overwhelmed by the multifaceted challenges of growing a team and scaling technology. It's not just about code; it's about architecture, team dynamics, roadmaps, stakeholder communication, and much more.

That’s a lot. And we’re here to help.

Why choose CTO Soundboard?

Wwe often see competent technical leaders and CTOs struggling to balance all their responsibilities. After working closely with over a hundred startup teams in the past few years, we know that when tech leaders struggle, the product struggles.

Expert guidance

Tailored support

Pragmatic advice

Confidential sounding board

How we do it

We're not just coaches; we're practitioners who have walked the path.

Our approach is grounded in real-world experience, ensuring that the guidance we provide isn't just theoretical – it's battle-tested.

Our CTOs-ad-interim have extensive experience with building and scaling a team. During our CTO Soundboard sessions, we'll support your CTO in developing their skillset while growing their teams.

We'll supply pragmatic advice behind the scenesbased on our experience and act as a sounding board for your technical leader. Your product depends on the success of your technical leader. Giving them a mentor is a powerful and affordable way to boost their level.

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