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CTO in residence
from Ireland

Clive is our resident 'improv guy' hailing from Ireland, the land of saints and scholars.

He loves helping others succeed and believes that trust is the foundation of all successful teams (and improv troupes!). He has a dreamer's personality and is obsessed with creating products that customers love. He is passionate about the coming green tech wave - ask him about his solar panel setup at home!

What are some of your favourite movies?
Fight Club, The Godfather, Heat, Rounders, Rocky. Most things by QT. Anything by Christopher Nolan.

What is the most important thing you've learned in life?
Enjoy all of life’s moments, whether they are good or bad, because nothing lasts forever. Summed up in the old adage of 'this too shall pass'.

What would you do if you had a whole day to yourself?
A comfortable seat, a great view, a good book and a bottomless pot of tea.

madewithlove software engineers

About Clive

  • Base: Ireland (IRE)

  • Passions: Reading, Running and Family time

madewithlove software engineers


  • Product development, Team coaching, Distributed system design

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