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Software Engineer
from France

Emma is our ‘French Connection’. She's one of the software engineers that speaks French fluently, thanks to being born and raised in the land of berets and baguettes.

What else makes Emma unique? Her highly developed sense of how code should look and feel… which makes her a much appreciated colleague and ditto member of the Laravel/PHP community.

Is there anything that lacks a word but needs one?
Yeah, some words still need a word to describe them.

Why are you working in a web development company?
I tried to be a surgeon, but they wouldn't let me. So here we are now. Web development is also probably the domain where I can add the most value.

madewithlove software engineers

About Emma

  • Base: Nantes (FR)

  • Studies: Art and Advertising, ILEC Nice

  • Passions: urban exploration, music, graphics of every kind

madewithlove software engineers


  • React

  • PHPUnit

  • Redux

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • Laravel

  • CSS

  • BEM

Articles by Emma

Why retrospectives are essential

Teams of all experience levels can improve their way of working, but only if they take a moment to retrospect.

Why remote work works

Here we address some common excuses about why remote work doesn't work.

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