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Software engineer
from Belgium

It's difficult to describe a person in 1 word. But describing Luc's programming skills in one is doable: generalistic.

Luc, the team member with the most summers on his counter, has a wide variety of professional programming languages covering scripting and compiled languages, some exotic and fancy others more traditional and academic. He has created applications for desktop, mobile, and web for a wide variety of industries ranging from finance to health. After rebuilding his house, he likes to compare software development with construction works, a good battle plan and solid foundations is the start for great things that stand the test of time.

Rock, metal, dance or hardstyle music?
I don't like to pick one style here, I prefer a daily mix of rock, metal and punk. My music journey started in the nineties, the period of grunge. Since then I'm also a regular visitor of festivals like Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop. My all-time favourite band is Faith no More, witnessing the energy of Mike Patton on stage is something to never forget.

What is your most remarkable travel experience?
Hard to choose, because every country has its own remarkable sights, interesting heritage and own culture. As a seasoned traveller, I've seen a lot. An experience that stands out is my honeymoon to New Zealand. We travelled from North to South with a rental car, more precise from Auckland to Christchurch. The scenery changed from flat open lands in the North to steep mountain sights in the South. Highly impressive.

madewithlove software engineers

About Luc

  • Base: Kessel-Lo (BE)

  • Studies: Industrial Engineer, Groep-T Leuven

  • Passions: travelling, football, fantasy, games

madewithlove software engineers


  • PHPUnit

  • Test Driven Development

  • Domain Driven Design

  • CQRS

  • Event Sourcing

  • SQL

  • Laravel

  • Symfony 4

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