Software Engineer
from Belgium

With four kids to look after, Jonas knows how to take care of his colleagues by trying to make them better at what they do.

So it comes as no surprise that he loves coaching people, as well as building applications in complex domains and refactoring legacy code. Let's not forget Jonas is also a certified Judge for Magic: The Gathering (a card game), so don't ever try to cheat him!

Can your parents describe what you do for a living?
Roughly :-). It might boil down to ‘something with computers’ though.

Do you have a second job/hobby? If so, have you learnt something from it that you can apply to your main job?
Oh boy, do I? I'm a judge for small Magic: The Gathering events in various game stores in Belgium and often help organise the bigger events abroad (2,000+ players). The improvement-driven community and specific skills needed for the job have helped me a lot in developing a bunch of skills. Like communication, mediating, public speaking, writing, logistics, mentoring/teaching, to name but a few.

About Jonas

  • Base: Roosbeek (BE)

  • Studies: Information Management, Thomas More Mechelen

  • Passions: Magic: The Gathering, reading


  • Legacy work

  • Agile frameworks

  • PHPUnit

  • Test Driven Development

  • PHP

Articles by Jonas

Releasing with confidence

Releasing with confidence

Jonas Drieghe

December 18, 2019

Stop managing your releases before you start managing your releases

Stop managing your releases before you start managing your releases

Jonas Drieghe

November 19, 2019

Re-evaluating the need for estimates

Re-evaluating the need for estimates

Jonas Drieghe

November 19, 2018

Some of Jonas's colleagues

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