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Software Engineer
from Belgium

Peter is an experienced software developer from Belgium

As an amateur home renovator and father of a 4-year old, his life is already chaotic enough. That's why he will always try to keep his code as clean as possible.

What is your favorite color and why?
Appleblueseagreen. I love it because of the name. I don't think it exists outside of Dutch (or even Flemish) and it makes absolutely no sense. It's my favourite kind of humour. Also, I just couldn't pick between blue and green.

What is one big lesson you learned out of COVID-19
The importance of good communication. Communicate often enough, but not too often. Communicate clearly and unambiguously. Be transparent and honest in your communication. Don't be afraid to say you were wrong before. It's not about you, but about the goal you're trying to achieve together.

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About Peter

  • Base: Kampenhout (BE)

  • Studies: Bachelor Informatica (KULeuven)

  • Passions: renovating, indoor soccer

madewithlove software engineers


  • PHP

  • OOP

  • DDD

  • CQRS

Articles by Peter

Why code quality matters

In today's digital landscape, software development is a crucial aspect of most businesses. However, many organizations overlook the importance of code quality. Ensuring code quality is critical for various reasons, from financial stability to customer satisfaction.

Why is it good to deploy frequently

Do you deploy every day? Your team probably should. Here's why.

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