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CTO in residence
from Belgium

Vincent was born and grew up in Belgium. His father is Italian, which explains his last name, but his mother tongue is French.

He currently lives in Belgium with his wife, his daughter and his son, after four years in San Francisco and three years in Barcelona. He defines himself as a product engineer although he's more like a Jack-of-all-Trades. He started his career as a full-stack Engineer, but moved slowly away from engineering, into a product management role. He studied computer science at the university and has significant experience in front-end technologies, but he's also very interested in UX and UI design. He loves being involved in all stages of a project, and deliver wonderful products using modern techniques like Lean Startup and Agile.

Super Bowl or Champions League?
Easy. Champions League all the way. I always was and always will be a football fan (what American people call soccer ?). Also, I always kinda disliked American football, for multiple reasons, but even more since I watched the Concussion movie (with Will Smith in the first role).

What are you most proud of?
If you had asked me that question five years ago, I would have mentioned some stupid stuff related to work, but today, the answer is pretty simple: what I'm the proudest of is my beautiful family

About Vincent

  • Base: Braine-le-Comte (BE)

  • Studies: Master in Computer Science at UMONS

  • Passions: Football, gastronomy, nutrition (yes, the latter two can be compatible).


  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • Heroku

  • Writing

  • REST

Some of Vincent's colleagues

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