Software Engineer
from Canada

With his Portuguese roots and an occasional mohawk-style haircut, Miguel not surprisingly ended up in Toronto. In the world's most diverse city, he can be just whoever he wants.

Better still, he's a very appreciative and studious software developer, and someone who always puts the team first. Did we mention he's also blessed with the perfect toothpaste smile? But don't challenge this former Paralympian in any swimming contest. He will beat you in a Michael Phelps kind of way!

What was your favorite band 10 years ago?
Probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers! My parents had just bought me a bass guitar and I loved jamming out to that band.

Have you ever been afraid to suggest an idea at work because you thought someone might shoot it down?
My friend is working as a medical researcher. She tells me that whenever someone presents a new idea, everyone has a shouting match with one another, to argue why that idea is stupid and won't work. I like how we're the complete opposite of that in madewithlove :-).

About Miguel

  • Base: Toronto (CA)

  • Passions: swimming, cars, gym


  • PHP

  • REST

  • Reviewing code

  • Git

  • React

Some of Miguel's colleagues