Junior marketing consultant
from Belgium

Aukje is the youngster of the team and she is a real digital rocket. She is a skilled marketing strategist with a special talent for creating digital content. Her genuine personality and strong enthusiasm color her work resulting in top-notch marketing strategies and incomparable ad campaigns.

Born as a digital native, words like 'smartphones', 'apps' and 'social media' are therefore not an unfamiliar language to her. This triggered her to understand what lies behind these words. What businesses and challenges these words bring.

What is your favorite song and why?
That is an impossible question to answer. I’m a big music fan and I almost like every music genre. My playlists mainly consist of 2000’s R&B, techno, house, alternative hip hop and funk.

What is your best childhood memory?
I was 6 years old and ‘Sinterklaas’ brought a living room full of presents and toys. There were dolls, barbie dolls, jump ropes, skateboards, games, Lego and so on. It was heaven on earth.

About Aukje

  • Base: Leuven (BE)

  • Studies: Media and Entertainment Business, Mechelen

  • Passions: Dance, surf, social media, traveling


  • Marketing

  • Events

  • Social media

  • Strategy

Some of Aukje's colleagues