Because we are constantly learning, madewithlove hosts CTO dinners as a way of facilitating conversations between CTOs of Belgium. The role of a CTO is complex and varies depending on the stage you are in.

It’s important to prepare yourself and build skills for what is coming next. I found the dinner I attended particularly useful because I could connect with others that are facing similar challenges.

The evening started with a cocktail hour where I had a chance to meet CTOs from startups such as CitizenLab, SettleMint, Keyrock, Teamleader, and SweepBright. We discussed our personal journeys and the latest products we were building. Next, we sat down for the first course. After I ate some delicious soup, there was a gruelling 2-hour sales pitch. Just kidding. Andreas (our CEO) thanked us for attending — and that was that. No sales pitch. No boring speech. As the main course was served, we rotated seats and kept the conversation flowing.

It was nice to meet CTOs that were working on similarly-sized teams and products. We had the chance to compare pain points and discuss what was working and what wasn’t. I also had a long conversation with a CTO that worked with much bigger teams. It was interesting to hear his perspective on certain problems.

belgium cto dinner

Just before dessert, we swapped seats a second time. We thanked AWS for sponsoring the event then the conversations and learning continued as time drifted away. It was nearly midnight before the last guest faded into the night. I was full of red wine, new ideas, and comfort in knowing that the products I work on are headed in the right direction. I would definitely attend a CTO dinner again if I could. Where else do you get the opportunity to have such intimate conversations with the business leaders of Belgium.