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Software Engineer
from Belgium

Growing up in the small town of Tienen is not easy, folks. But somehow Bram struggled through and became a top-notch software engineer.

He is constantly thinking about solutions to help a product remain stable or to enable easy additions of new features or improvements of existing ones. Factoid: he has an identical twin brother, who could easily pass for him on a blue Monday morning.

What's your favourite family tradition?
We usually visit my grandparents at Christmas and on birthdays for coffee and pie.

Which app on your phone or laptop would you label as a must-have for everyone?
Alfred instead of Spotlight: using this third-party productivity and search app has become second nature to me. Spotify for music. iTerm for programming things.

madewithlove software engineers

About Bram

  • Base: Landen (BE)

  • Studies: Digital Design and Development, Howest Kortrijk

  • Passions: Building computers, cycling, movies (The Prestige, 2006)

madewithlove software engineers


  • Design patterns

  • Reviewing code

  • Elasticsearch

  • PHP

  • CQRS

  • Event Sourcing

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