Have you ever tried to automate WordPress upgrade tasks or deployments? I did, it was a big pain.

Sometimes I would find myself updating WordPress options on 54 different blogs through the admin interface. Completely tired of it I created a little tool to automate this kind of things trough the command line interface (like every self-respecting developer would do). The wp-cli project was born. 

Why did I start a new project instead of modifying one of the available tools?

My code is inspired by some of them but they all missed one essential concept: pluggability. You can add commands to wp-cli from anywhere in WordPress on the fly, which allows anyone to take full advantage of the command line interface.

Shortly after my first batch of commits scribu picked up the project and added some great functionality and insights. Today multiple people are contributing to the project and I hope plugin developers will pick it up in the near future.

Interested? Fork the repository on Github.