We just updated our htaccess tester to support the HTTP_REFERER variable in your rewrite rules. To do so we simply added a new field underneath the field for the htaccess. You can type any URL in this field, which will be used in the script as the HTTP_REFERER variable. The field is optional, if you leave it empty the HTTP_REFERER variable will also be empty.

Other things we changed since the initial launch of the tester:

  • Support for HTTPS requests and the %{HTTPS} variable.
  • Support for server port and the %{SERVER_PORT} variable, default server port is 80.
  • Fixed a bug with parsing path which sometimes resulted in an empty result.
  • Fixed a bug that added the port number behind the URL when using the %{SERVER_PORT} variable.

If you have ideas for implementing other variables in the tester, please let us know. We hope you love the tester as much as we do and we would like to thank everyone for the kind words and shoutouts.

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