Buffer and AngelList researched the state of remote work for 2020. From their results, they identified multiple key struggles of remote workers. We decided to provide some answers.
At madewithlove, we have been working remotely for the last decade and we are happy to help our clients with shifting towards a remote-friendly era. We strongly believe that the remote mindset is valuable for any company, even for the non-remote companies. Yet, we noticed some people are still hesitant about making the switch. That’s why we’ve decided to create this series about the strugglers of remote workers.

This is part 4 of a series about the top struggles of remote workers. We asked our team how they handle distractions at home. Here’s what they said:

I use pomodoro technique for dedicated focused timeslots. — Zvonimir Spajić

Having focus time is essential to getting work done. You can set a timer, shut away all distractions such as email and Slack, then get in the zone. The pomodoro technique is one useful way to practice such sessions. They are time-boxed so you’ll be forced to come up for air every now and then.

With remote ideally comes async support, so you can work while the kids sleep or have entertainment. — Jonas Drieghe

If you have the ability to work with flexible hours, you can structure your time a bit more easily. Break down the day into 2 hour chunks and schedule them out so you have time to work when your kids are occupied. We often find our colleagues working while waiting at swim practice, the doctor’s office, or the DMV.

When relatives come home to visit us, we move to the office, close the door, and explain that we shouldn’t be disturbed. — Vicky Jáuregui

Being direct and setting clear boundaries with your family members is essential to the success of working remotely. It might take some trial and error but preventing interruptions is mandatory. Young kids can sometimes have a hard time understanding this. One strategy that might work for you is dedicating an office space and having them help make a sign for when it’s work time versus play time.

I hope these tips helped. Please think about reading our other pieces on the top struggles of remote work.

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