When you all were eating turkeys and busy handing out cleverly found gifts to celebrate the birthday of this Bethlehem born rising star, we quietly launched a new website. We chose not to go for the big bang release and fill your walls and inboxes with dozens of notifications, so you might have missed it. But hey, you made it here so you’ve already seen our new look: biggersharper, and bolder. But mainly, faster. Do you like our new haircut?

Thanks for everything, WordPress

There are, however, a couple of new things we would like to highlight. First of all, we’ve chosen to end our long and passionate relationship with our precious WordPress. We still vividly remember the days Andreas wrote that lovely WP-CLI for you. But the years have covered our dreams with dust. Trying out new things was getting harder and we didn’t genuinely have time to stay in touch with befriended technologies any longer. Not that we ended up in a fight, but everything became such a drag. We both decided to go our own way but we’re proud of being able to stay close friends.

Have you met… Gatsby?

Our current blog still uses the WordPress core functionality to manage and publish our content. However, we soon realized we fell deeply in love with the new kid on the block. Oh Gatsby, you are so blazing-fast and oh so impressive. We could no longer resist your temptation. Madewithlove’s front-end is now done with Gatsby, a React-based, GraphQL powered, modern all-in-one front-end framework that generates static sites. Our hearts are racing. You can read a lot about Gatsby if you haven’t met yet, and we suggest you do. There’s also plenty of stuff to read about combining a WordPress backend with a Gatsby front-end (link). We couldn’t be more happy with this setup.

Newly structured content and newsletters

For those interested in the stories we write, we now have 5 pillars which hold our content together. Apart from madewithlove related things, you can now read about how we successfully work as a remote company, hands-on advice for software engineersproduct and project management, and team management and leadership. Soon, you will be able to sign up for the newsletter of your choice as we will curate content based on which pillar you feel most connected to.

Can’t wait? Feel free to leave your email adress below and we’ll keep you in the loop!


Talking about clients is sometimes pretty difficult for us because we dive into existing codebases that (sometimes) seem to jam and we help teams to a better way of working. We get a lot of insights from our client’s internal kitchens. However, we have built a few more cases to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been doing the past couple of years. Have you read how we’ve helped Teamleader and SweepBright or about our relationship with 50 Partners?