Van Schoote

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CTO in residence
from Belgium

Independent learner and motorcyclist. But there's more to tell. This CTO knows exactly how to get to the essence of an idea and to translate that into technical concepts.

All while keeping an eagle eye on the bigger picture, and the ethical side of things, in order to make web applications. Jonas claims to have figured in a movie that was shown at the Venice Art Biennale a few years ago. Oddly enough though, nobody can find any internet evidence of this, as the movie was only screened once during the festival.

Is there one thing you find especially motivating in your work, more than anything else?
Seeing a product come to life. Or in the current project I'm working on, seeing a whole team come to life.

How many cats are in your house at the moment?
Only two, I hope. But I suspect they invite other cats over sometimes.

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About Jonas

  • Base: Ghent (BE)

  • Studies: Product Design, KH Limburg

  • Passions: woodwork, motors, photography

madewithlove software engineers


  • CTO in Residence

  • Technical leadership

Articles by Jonas

Why defining a product vision is crucial in ensuring you are building the right things.

A company should have a vision, but a product should also have one. A product vision may sound like something large corporates work on. It may sound like a waste of time. However, a good product vision helps your team make the right choices while building your product.

Why defining a product vision is crucial in making sure you are building the right things

Some teams get by without product visions. But are they really thriving? Here's why defining a product vision is critical.

Why it’s worth spending time on writing out tickets

Have a small team that likes to move fast and break things? You are writing tickets. Right?

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