A podcast by madewithlove where we hang out with interesting product leaders in the tech startup and scale-up ecosystem.


Madewithlove's Vinch, talks with leaders in the industry and his own colleagues about everything he comes across when working as a CTO in residence for various clients.

Tune in for spicy conversations with leaders in the industry who found their way (back) to Europe, or discussions about a variety of topics related to engineering or product management, just between us.

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... concerned about the condition of your engineering team and how ready you truly are to grow your product (very common for: CTOs, COOs, CEOs) OR

... looking to invest in a promising start-up, but you are unsure if their team can handle product scaling on both human and technical levels (so basically you want to know the answer to the key question: Should I invest?)

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Is your CTO just saying the right things or does your engineering team actually deliver the quality of work needed? Tap into our expertise and we'll deliver a report that answers your questions and teaches you how to improve your product and processes.

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Sometimes you need an objective third party to analyze the current situation and identify concerns for the future. We offer technical due diligence via interviews, remotely.

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