Our CTOs in residence (or fractional CTOs) are the technical voice in your (management) team to make sure the software engineering side of your business gets exactly the right attention.

To build software, you need a team with lots of different roles. For example, a CTO, a VP of Engineering, or a (technical) team lead. The mindset required to fill these roles evolves as your product grows - and to be honest - most of the time, you don't need these roles full-time.

On top of that, it is very hard nowadays to find the right person to fill the required role at the right time. Our experienced team can solve this by taking on a number of roles at different stages of your product.

Most of the time, our clients need (technical) consulting or CTO as a service, where one of our CTOs joins your team for a few days per week and takes on the technical leader role. When the need is less technical but more human- and process-focused, we help with engineering management. And sometimes, our clients lack the money or the need for a full-time profile. We can still help with pair leadership via our CTO Soundboard service. Just like two software engineers can crack challenging problems together in a pair programming session, two CTOs can pair on tough technical leadership decisions.

Technical consulting

Our CTOs in residence will join and lead your technical team(s) and make the right strategic choices. This can be in the form of consulting on a regular basis or as a CTO as a Service.

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CTO Soundboard/Coaching

Rather than taking up leadership responsibilities themselves, one of our technical consultants has weekly pairing session with your CTO or technical lead. This is a behind the scenes and personal service, where we are the soundboard for your current CTO.

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Growing teams require ever-changing roles

Technical consulting and CTO coaching for startups and SaaS scaleups

It all starts with the phase your application and your company are currently in. Whether you are just starting to refine a new product idea or finally want to aim for version 2.0, we can help you. We can plan out the right strategy to get your first customers going, or we help manage your technical debt and other growing pains.

Need a near- or long-term plan to scale technically along with the expected growth in usage? We can help you there too. Need a budget calculated? A long-term technical vision? A clear view of how to evolve your team? Need help communicating your roadmap to investors?

We've got it all covered and, if needed, can even back it up with the right software engineering or product managers to bridge the gap while you look for the right people. But that is not all. Below are some stories of the clients we've helped.