Engineering management

Build a great team to build great products. We’ll create a company culture where your engineers can thrive.

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How we can help with CTO coaching

By introducing a combination of best practices as well as a culture of open feedback, we allow engineers to focus on the work at hand.

Technical knowledge alone is not enough to create software products. Your teams need the right processes and strong communication to build something great. A good Engineering manager can optimize the way your teams collaborate and deliver value.

Finding the right person for this role isn’t easy. Candidates with the right skill set are in high demand. Maybe you’re taking your time to hire. Maybe you have someone on your team who could use some mentoring. That’s where our team comes in.

Our approach to engineering management

We start by discovering what lives within the team. Frustrations, impediments, and struggles. Together, we shine a light on the most pressing challenges and come up with ways to address them.

Theoretical recommendations are nice, but knowing what your team really needs depends on a deeper understanding of where it's at. What phase is your company in? How big is the team? What are its major challenges? We'll lean on our experience to design treatments for these pain points in close collaboration with the team members. We understand what does work and what doesn't. What is the first best step we can take today?

Our experienced Engineering managers got it all covered and, if needed, can back it up with the right software engineers to bridge the gap while you're looking for the right people.

But that is not all. Below are some more challenges we can help you with.





What we can do

The first priority of our Engineering managers is to create a safe work environment where people can thrive. We build on top of that culture by introducing just enough processes to make the work flow through your teams efficiently and effortlessly.

We’ll capture actionable feedback through structured one-on-one’s and retrospectives. We tackle the things that hold back your team.

With such a team culture in place, we help you hire the right people to grow your team even further. As your team grows, you’ll encounter new challenges. Our Engineering managers can help you organize your team structure so it’s ready to scale.

Need help with engineering management and building your product or team?

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