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We like building cool applications and the teams to run them. This is a selection of the work we are most proud of.

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An e-democracy platform for stronger communities

Over a period of a half year, our senior front-end engineer guided the team through a complex restructuring which led to an easy-to-implement modular system.

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Citizenlab case portfolio


Collaborate, Sign, Manage. Contract Management simplified.

" We’ll be sorry to see the people themselves leave. They’ve been part of the team for over 18 months. The fact that they can leave, on the other hand, is proof that the project was a success."

Steven Debrauwere, CEO

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Contractify software engineering


A platform where organisers and audiences find one another.

"Together with madewithlove, we created a high standard of quality which includes consistent, readable, well-documented, and tested code which we would like to keep for years 😉."

Sven Houtmeyers, CTO

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African Drive

Economic & social impact in countries with poor global infrastructure and little formal economic activities.

"Try to excite them, rather than limite madewithlove's space, and trust their expertise. It can be scary, but these people know what they do."

Jonas Van Eyck, Project leader

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Portfolio image African Drive

3D Aim Trainer

The #1 professional aim trainer with over 9mio active gamers

"If you are looking for a partner not in just one particular area of expertise, but rather a one-stop shop to help you with all technical needs, then madewithlove is the perfect fit for you."

Robin Haegeman, CTO

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3D Aim Trainer shooting aim portfolio case


A 100% Belgian email marketing platform that focuses on ease of use, automation, and flexibility

"The madewithlove team worked alongside us, treated our product with the love and attention it deserved, and actively challenged us throughout the entire product development process."

Michelle Dassen, Business Unit Manager

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Flexmail software engineering case


SweepBright empowers real estate agencies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and to become significantly more efficient.

"Madewithlove is a team of highly talented and highly skilled developers. Their deep knowledge of the latest technologies and broad involvement in our growth has been an undeniable asset."

Raphael Bochner, CEO

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Sweepbright portolio


Customer management, project management and invoicing in one handy tool. Teamleader makes work easier for 11000 SMEs.

"The madewithlove developers brought some more experience in our team of young talents. Their lead-by-example attitude helped us establish the required best-practices to grow as a product company."

Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse, Head of Engineering

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Simply said JUCE provides docking stations for devices in (virtual) meeting rooms.

"Madewithlove came in when we needed to build a robust web environment with a tight budget and schedule as a start-up. They understood this, took the lead and managed to get us up and running in no time. They also made some important technical choices that allow us to scale our IoT product comfortably."

Julien Yee, Co-founder

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Juce software engineering portolio


Combell is a reliable market leader in cloud hosting and Belgian's top-rated web hosting provider.

"We had a good questions-and-answers discussion with Geoffrey, willing to think out-of-the-box and advising us based on his practical knowledge of the subject."

Nick Van den Abbeele, Development Manager

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Combell software engineering portolio


Gearjot provides a modern fleet and asset management system.

"Madewithlove truly has your back as a trustworthy business and tech partner. They are a great combination of integrity, people and technical skills that allow you to move your software application project forward at any level."

David Macfarlan, CEO

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Gearjot our work and portolio


Vick is a digital platform aimed at guiding recently graduated students looking for a first job experience.

"Madewithlove did a good job in our innovation lab and built a user-friendly Vick platform for school leavers."

Paul Danneels, CIO

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VDAB software portolio

50 Partners

A French accelerator founded with 50 successful entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting promising startups.

We received questions about team management, product management, structuring the organization, how to go about external investments vs trying to get a loan from the bank, etc.

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50 partners investors network