Phones on mute, meetings recharged

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Simply said, JUCE provides docking stations for devices in (virtual) meeting rooms.

The idea is that once people are in a meeting, they can shove their phone in the JUCE docking station and the magic happens. The digital noise gets muted and more quality time gets generated.

Software engineering for Juce

Madewithlove was involved in building part of the back office of the product that takes care of the complexity of sending schedules to an IoT device and calendar management.

While we mainly focused on software engineering, we also took the lead in setting up a secure Internet of Things architecture to manage the fleet of JUCE's hardware.

Where software meets hardware

Building a product that relies on a lot of physical tools is always a challenge. While we are no hardware experts, we know exactly what a product needs to obtain a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure where software and hardware go hand in hand.

For this challenging project, we've focused on Laravel Nova andGoogle IoT. We also used Cronofy, an excellent API for Calendar management, which allowed us to access all kind of calendars in a developer-friendly way.

Next to that, we made sure we connected the dots between physical meeting rooms, remote scheduling, an alerting system, time management, and synchronisation with all the JUCE devices.

madewithlove came in when we needed to build a robust web environment with a tight budget and schedule as a start-up. They understood this, took the lead and managed to get us up and running in no time. They also made some important technical choices that allow us to scale our IoT product comfortably.

Julien Yee, Co-Founder JUCE

How did we do it?

When we started working with JUCE, all they had was working hardware but no software that connected the devices. In addition to helping JUCE with decisions and advising on security, we delivered the project on time, within scope, and within budget.

Because the people at JUCE had a good vision of their product, we hardly had to do any product managing.

Ten percent of our time was put into researching and the rest was reserved for the dirty work. Two of our developers spend close to three months working on the product. When asking what they are most proud of, they both say that they are happy with the choices made to reuse existing services and linking them all together cleverly.

Software engineering for Juce
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