Looking for our honest opinion on how your business is doing? We'll be happy to give it to you.


Tap into our expertise if you want to know the quality of your software's code or learn how you can improve your product management.

We've also got the auditing skills to assist when you need feedback on your company's technical strategy or want to know if your development team is happy.

What we can do

We have five main areas of focus, closely related to the other services we provide. Of course we can combine any of these and have a look at the complete picture.

5 pillars of an audit

Team & Leadership

The way you lead your company has a huge impact on the whole organisation. We can assess this for you in the context of your product development team and see where things may not be going as planned. But that is not all.
We also have a few more specific types of audits we can perform.

  • Due diligence: When potential investors want a technical due diligence of the software and the software department.
  • SOS: When a company's owner or the start-up is lost and bewildered we can help them find the right direction again.
  • Check twice: When the CTO needs a second opinion on a project before moving ahead..




Problem and solution

How we do it

First we get to the bottom of things. We prefer to do this by interviewing everyone, from developers to managers. If the cleaning crew can throw light on an issue, we'll happily talk to them too!

Next, we take a look at your product and the code. We aim to assess their quality, to identify issues that need fixing, and to create an overview of the current situation.

Finally, we draft a report for you. This is where we describe the steps we've taken, the outcome, our conclusion, and recommendations. We present and discuss this report with you so no question goes unanswered.