Our technical due-diligence audit report will shine light on your codebase and engineering team.


Is your CTO just saying the right things or does your engineering team actually deliver the quality of work needed?

Tap into our expertise and we'll deliver a report that answers your questions and teaches you how to improve your product and processes.

What value you get

Your gut instinct might tell you something is awry. It's natural to want an objective third-party to evaluate the true state of things and give some recommendations on the future. We have seen it all and can give you an accurate picture of your team and product.

Our report answers questions such as:
  • Why does my engineering team keep missing deadlines?
  • Is our software solution ready to scale?
  • How can I reduce the number of bugs that my SaaS customers experience?
  • How much legacy code and technical debt does my product have?
  • Are we at risk for an outage or data loss?
  • Are my software developers actually seniors?

How do we do this

We ask for areas of focus that are concerns for your team. We gather about 3 to 5 questions and answer those directly as part of our report.

Additionally, we take a look at the current state of the team (snapshot) and where the team is heading (trajectory). With more context, we can better prepare the report.

We study the architecture and infrastructure. And we analyze the codebase, commits, and pull requests. We interview a few key figures within the team and ask questions about five pillars: team and leadership; process; documentation; engineering; and problem and solution.

5 pillars of an audit

Team & Leadership

The way you lead your company has a huge impact on the whole organisation. We can assess this for you in the context of your product development team and see where things may not be going as planned. But that is not all.
We also have a few more specific types of audits we can perform.

  • Due diligence: When potential investors want a technical due diligence of the software and the software department.
  • SOS: When a company's owner or the start-up is lost and bewildered we can help them find the right direction again.
  • Check twice: When the CTO needs a second opinion on a project before moving ahead..




Problem and solution

Right the ship and move forward

We've helped these companies make an internal assessment and guided them to success. We can help you, too.

  • Flexmail
  • Trusted Family
  • Qualifio
  • Medispring
  • Odyssee Mobile
  • Fishtripr
  • SettleMint
  • Sweepatic
  • Baobab Express
  • Cohabs
  • The Insiders
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