Technical consulting & Interim CTO

Now that you've reached product-market fit, it's time to grow. If you are unsure which direction to take, madewithlove can offer some guidance.

We have experts that know what scales and what doesn't when it comes to your product and market strategy. We can lead user research, event storming sessions, and design sprints to come away with a production vision and technical strategy.

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Software engineering

In the scramble to get a working product, many teams cut corners on quality.

But now that it's time to scale, some of the decisions come back to haunt you. Our engineers are masters at untangling spaghetti code. We will embed experts directly in your team to lead and teach, so that your codebase is soon ready for the scaling to come.

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Audits and due diligence

Sometimes you need an objective third party to analyze the current situation and identify concerns for the future. We offer technical due diligence via interviews, remotely.

Your team will receive a full report of our concerns covering five pillars which they can use to prepare the product and processes for the future.

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Engineering management

Your existing team might need help upgrading processes to prepare for growth.

Or maybe it's time to say goodbye to someone that no longer fits in the team. No matter the situation, madewithlove is prepared to listen and learn before taking action. We can help turn teams into well-oiled machines.

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As your strategy and product vision evolve, you might discover that certain roles are left unfulfilled.

Madewithlove can help you hire in-house experts that will lead your team and product during the next phase of the company.

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Product management

You've done well so far in building something that people like. Now it's time to apply modern best practices to the product.

By creating better processes and a data-driven roadmap, you can deliver the very best for your end users.

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