Retreats with love

Once a year, we work & play in a very secret location

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Why we do retreats

Although the implementation and luxury level has changed over the years, the basic purpose of the retreats hasn't changed.

It's the perfect opportunity to escape our regular routine, enjoy ourselves, revisit our identity and company goals, and above all, get to know each other better by meeting the face behind the Slack alias.

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Retreats at madewithlove
Retreats at madewithlove
Retreats at madewithlove

During this week, half of the day is filled with work-related sessions, while the other half of the day is for free time and group bonding activities. We strongly encourage a healthy life-work balance and the yearly retreat helps just with that. On most days there are workshops planned where we dive deep into company related topics: there are panel discussions, technical workshops, or cultural sessions. Additionally, most of us give a presentation about a subject they want to talk about.

As a remote company, we believe this one week of being together is crucial. We want our people to be happy and joyful; therefore, knowing the individual personalities and passions of each of our colleagues is essential. A shaky bus ride, an overdose of local wine and cheese, and a windy sail trip help tremendously with this. Getting away from the screen and meeting each other in person at least once a year is a must for a successful remote company.

Retreats at madewithlove
Retreats at madewithlove

The stronger the culture, the less corporate process a company needs. When the culture is strong, you can trust everyone to do the right thing.

Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb

Our past retreats

  • Solcava, Slovenia

    October 2023

  • Mallorca, Spain

    October 2022

  • Montaione, Italy

    October 2019

  • Kos, Greece

    October 2018

  • Agadir, Morocco

    October 2017

  • Zadar, Croatia

    September 2016

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  • Girona, Spain

    September 2015

  • Lisbon, Portugal

    October 2014

  • Leuven, Belgium

    September 2013

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