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We create the best possible environment for your team. After all, we care about people the most!

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How we can help with CTO coaching

Almost everyone in our company is a developer. We really understand how developers think, react and feel. And we know how to keep them productive and engaged.

Be sure to tap into our expertise so you can optimise the HR policy for your developers. We can advise on, design, and even help implement the right changes to make your team perform at its very best.

Find out how we help SaaS businesses with CTO Coaching and mentoring?

The tools we use

Allow us to present a few special tools of our own. They are designed to optimise our own HR flow as well as to keep creating and maintaining the madewithlove culture we are so proud of.

For instance, Reflect, a tool we built ourselves, helps our team members to coach one another, by means of continuous peer-to-peer feedback and follow-up.
Update: Reflect is currently in a make-over process, we plan on launching a new version of the tool this year.

Then there's People Potential Performance Matrix. This tool enables a management team to keep track of their staff's performance and potential. Your personal performance can be enhanced thanks to customized tips and content, depending on your position in the matrix. Our PPPM also gives good insight into your team's overall performance and will suggest ways to improve it.




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