Jobs & careers

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. These are the career opportunities (at madewithlove or at our clients) we currently have to offer.


We only work on projects that are at the heart of our client's business. We help build digital products that make these businesses grow for the better.

Our jam

We give our clients a better place to live and work in. And we build the teams to drive these aspirations further.

We don't content ourselves with the products our clients want; we develop the products we know they need.

There's just one thing we hate, and that's hit and run. We don't stop until we hit success and we can ensure the client's team will keep the project running smoothly.

Does this sound like you?

Open positions

We receive a lot of applications. However, we take the time to go through all of them.

If you took the time to provide us a custom cover letter and your CV is somewhat relevant to what we do, you will be invited for a phone screen. This is a quick video call with one of our HR people where you will get to know us and the other way around. Nothing technical, nothing to be worried about. On this call, we check for English proficiency and culture add. (Light) Accents welcome.

Positions with madewithlove

Sorry, currently no open positions.

Positions with our clients

These job postings are not with madewithlove, but instead with one of our clients whom we consciously chose to work with.

Sorry, currently no open positions.

Work where you want

Madewithlove is based in Belgium but we have engineers working all over the world — Poland, Brasil, and France to name a few countries. We don't care where you work so no need to be in Belgium.

When working from another time zone, team members are, however, responsible for organising themselves to be able to communicate when needed and attend team meetings. Want to work in Helsinki for a few days? Just let us know in time, make sure you have a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. We regularly invite workers from abroad to Belgium where they can count on a fully furnished upstairs apartment at the Leuven HQ.

Work when you want

Employees get to choose their own hours, even in other time zones.

It's up to them to work efficiently with colleagues, so this naturally results in an overlap agreement so you have enough time online together. We will keep an eye on how long they're working to encourage enough rest and a maximum of 38 hours per week.