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Software Engineer
from Brazil

Amanda wants to live in a world filled with innovative tech products that impact people's lives in a good way, that's why she became a Software Engineer in the first place.

She seems so happy doing what she does that even her sister changed careers to join this amazing industry. After that, Amanda found a new passion which is to help women become Software Developers. We counted three so far but hopefully, this number will be much bigger in the near future. When she's not working or watching some random series, you can find her searching for festivals to go to or planning travels for huge cities and really small towns with good nature.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
My three-year birthday present I got from my siblings, which was a bag full of candies, sweets, and some small toys. I remember sitting on the couch while I ate and played for hours with what I had won.

What is your favorite music?
My favorite band is Paramore, I even got a tattoo of them. Almost impossible to choose a favorite song, but after a lot of thinking, I would say it is Last Hope. It is a happy, sad and lively song at the same time and it is very easy to identify with the lyrics.

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About Amanda

  • Base: Belo Horizonte (BR)

  • Studies: Mechanical Engineering

  • Passions: run, read, music festivals

madewithlove software engineers


  • React

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  • HTML

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CEO & Founding Partner
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