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Learn the best way to work remotely, direct from the experts

How can working remotely improve collaboration? We believe the remote mindset is beneficial for every company, also non-remote ones, and we want to share our reasoning with you. Join our workshop to learn how to collaborate online as if you were sitting right next to each other in an office.

We will explain what working remotely really means and cover the benefits and downsides. Expect insights into some of our best practices that we know are valuable in any company, remote or not — things like communication, leadership, processes, goal setting, and more.

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Working remote with madewithlove
Working remote with madewithlove

Who's this workshop for?

  • Anyone interested in seeing what working remotely can do for their business
  • Anyone looking for hands-on tips to improve collaboration in their organization (colocated or remotely)

What will you get out of it?

  • 4 hours of interactive coaching by one of our experts
  • Knowledge about how to successfully work remotely with your colleagues and clients
  • Insights on leadership, processes, and communication
  • Meeting like-minded people from the industry
  • Snacks and drinks during the break
  • Your specific questions answered
Working remote with madewithlove

In-house workshop

Do you think this workshop might be beneficial for a bigger part of your team or even the whole company?

We also offer the option to host the workshop in house, in your house for an audience of up to 20 people. We will take plenty of time to tackle your companies challenges and answer all of your questions.

Why would you believe us?

We've been running madewithlove for more than 10 years and have always been operating from a remote-first point of view. We bring our best practices to every client and project we take on, in order to achieve an optimal collaboration model.

We perform audits for organizations where we report on the current state of the organization, software and people.

Take a look at our culture, mission & values and blog posts about working remotely to find out more.

We build digital products and create the teams around them. We can help with software engineering, managing technical teams, due diligence audits, and CTO in residency.