Startup teams and products

The idea is there but now what? We help new companies go from nothing to an MVP available to the first users via software engineering, recruiting, and product guidance.

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Product management

As the team starts to deliver a solution, they will run into technical difficulties.

It's essential to have a product manager reconciling the product vision with the scope that is technical feasible. Madewithlove's product managers are well equipped to help shape and deliver a valuable product that is customer centric.

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You've got the product vision but now it's time to build.

Gathering a team and getting them productive quickly is difficult for new companies that also have to juggle many other priorities. Madewithlove can help you find the talent needed to start your team out on the right foot.

We can help with recruiting

Engineering management

Founders are often wearing many hats and although managing engineers is important, so are things like marketing and pricing strategy and stakeholder management.

We can step in and ensure your team is collaborating smoothly and getting the proper feedback they need to build a truly great product.

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Software engineering

Still building the team? We can hit the ground running while you focus on hiring those first engineers.

We'll start things out with proper documentation and tooling so that it's easy for new hires to contribute early. We will focus on building an MVP to get in front of real users as early as possible.

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Audits and due diligence

Sometimes you need an objective third party to analyze the current situation and identify concerns for the future. We offer technical due diligence via interviews, remotely.

Your team will receive a full report of our concerns covering five pillars which they can use to prepare the product and processes for the future.

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Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.

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