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Technical due diligence is just the first step towards knocking it out of the park.

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Audits and due diligence

Sometimes you need an objective third party to analyze the current situation and identify concerns for the future. We offer technical due diligence via interviews, remotely.

This will save time when you are closing a round or if you need a second opinion on what's really going on with the engineering team. Our team is prepared to deliver a robust report that answers your questions and helps you improve your product and processes.

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Remote consultancy

Sometimes there's no going back after making a decision. When you're faced with such dilemmas, it's useful to get advice from a variety of experts.

Whether you are looking for brainstorming, industry best practices, or a rubber duck to bounce ideas off of, one of our software engineers or product managers would love to help you out during a 2-hour consultancy session.

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Maybe you know what to do but are lacking some confidence in execution. Workshops are an excellent way to empower your current team and give them the necessary resources to succeed.

Our experts can deliver workshops on theoretical or practical topics ranging from Why remote companies are winning to Event sourcing in practice. Each workshop is customized for the specific audience and situation.

Our workshops


We enjoy meeting like-minded people to discuss common problems, shared pains, and the future of our industry.

Why not discuss these things during a free-to-attend and casual dinner with other industry leaders. Come with stories, but please leave the black tie and business cards at home.



For the past 13 years, we've been working with international scale-ups and startups. We like to share what we've learned.

One way to do this is to boost the knowledge within accelerators or incubators. We can provide technical advice during open office hours, moderate discussions, host workshops, or help put out fires.

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