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If you need to audit a business before investing, looking for investment consulting, or want to join a community of like-minded tech leaders: let's go!

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Just another investment guru?


At madewithlove, we don't rely on magical formulas or famous influencers' opinions when we verify investment decisions. We can't foresee the future, but we sure can tell you if a SaaS product you want to invest in is doomed to break on a technical, process, or team level. Or, as it often happens, across the board.


How we make investors' lives easier

If you'd like to know the technical state of a company you want to invest in, keep reading. If you're looking to exchange investment knowledge, well… keep reading!

Audits and due diligence

Do you need an objective third party to analyze a business and identify future concerns?

We audit startups and scale-ups using our 5-pillar methodology to produce a due diligence report where we assess 60+ items that help you transition to a quality-first mindset. If one breaks, that promising business you've invested in can soon follow.

Reduce investment risk with technical due diligence

Remote consultancy

Do you feel like there's no going back from a bad investment decision? Need to brainstorm ideas or ask technical questions?

One of our software engineers or team leads would love to help you out during a 2-hour consultancy session.

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Events with industry leaders

Would you like to meet like-minded people to discuss common problems, shared pains, and the future of our industry?

Why not discuss these things during a free-to-attend and casual dinner with other industry leaders. Come with stories, but please leave the black tie and business cards at home.

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Accelerator program

We like to share what we've learned about startups and scale-ups in the last 13 years.

We can provide technical advice during open office hours, moderate discussions, host workshops, or help put out fires.

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We've grown from two guys in Leuven to a team with 20+ members working remotely, located in 5 countries across the globe.


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Pulse: Episode 6 – Johann Romefort on Technical Due Diligence

In Pulse, a madewithlove podcast, Andreas talks with leaders from the tech startup and scale-up ecosystem. There are also some podcast episodes where Andreas talks with his own colleagues about everything he comes across when working as a CTO in residence for various clients. Sit back and enjoy Pulse! Episode description On this episode of madewithlove’s Pulse podcast, we’ve invited Johann Romefort (Technology Due Diligence Consultant) to discuss the importance of conducting technical due dil