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We care a lot about the work we do. Here are the things that guide us.

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Mission and values

Madewithlove builds high quality products and teams at the heart of our client's business.

By working collaboratively with startups and scale-ups, we focus on ensuring the product and team are self-reliant as quickly as possible. Together, we build the digital products that will grow and improve their business by challenging what they want and discovering what they need. We do this while following our core values.

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We've set lofty goals with our mission and values, but what company doesn't?

Here's how we actually live up to them through daily actions and decisions, including our take on remote work, cultivating products and teams, and managing our carbon footprint.

Culture at its best


Our team is filled with experts. We can do this by searching for talent across borders.

The United Kingdom, France, Poland, Nigeria, Ireland, South Africa, and Belgium are represented by our current team. We've picked the best of the best and you can read about the specifics for each of our heroes.

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We believe more diversity will make us a stronger, more interesting company.

Although we have struggled in the past to avoid homogeny, we have refocused our efforts. Read about our current situation, why diversity matters to us, and how we plan to change the status quo.

The details about inclusion

Sharing knowledge

The future of work is transparent and open. Here's how we share information.

Blogging, speaking, events, open source, podcasts, and more! We have a wealth of information to share from the best ways to manage remote teams to the very fine details of Liskov substitution principles.

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Optimism is a strategy for making a better future.

Noam Chomsky, American linguist

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